ViceChairmanHashim A.Al-Mustafawi Al-Hashemi

Hashim A. Al-Mustafawi Al-Hashemi, Vice chairman of the group is one of the founding member and Board of Director of IFS Group. He has been instrumental for the success, growth & development of Integral Food Services and the group business activities.

Hashim is a young, dynamic, ambitious and enterprising businessman with a vision and innovative ideas for business developments and new business ventures.

As Vice Chairman of the group, he provides guidance and support for the management team in their challenges of managing the business and assists them with strategic decisions for the expansion of the company business activities and new ventures and developments in the region.

In addition to his above role, he is also the Board of Director of Al-Hashemi Group of companies, his family business and other associated companies such as Al Tawfeeq Travels. As a successful businessman, Hashim is associated with many successful business ventures and number of companies operating and doing business in Qatar.

Mr. Al-Hashemi has attended George Washington University in USA for his higher education in Business Management  Program.